Graduation Speech

I will go over the requirements in more detail tomorrow, but if you’d like to get started, click on the assignment below.

graduation speech requirement

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Documentary Project

In class tomorrow I will give you time to decide on groups and topics. Tonight, it would be a good idea to brainstorm on your own so you can have ideas to discuss with your team.  I am expecting original and compelling documentaries.


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We reviewed Fences and Beloved in class today!

If you are visiting the WordPress page then you are in the process of studying for the AP Literature exam…..congratulations!  You all have the skills to pass the exam so walk in there confidently and write your little hearts out.   Scroll down to the bottom to access the reviews we completed in class today.

Ways to study:

1.Review your novels/plays by focusing on the themes and major literary devices

2. Study your literary terms

3. Try attacking some AP prompts and practice using the 3 C’s

4. Click on the December or January archives on wordpress to access poetry powerpoint presentations to review major poets/styles

5. Glance at the British and American literary periods posted recently on WordPress.

Final words of advice for the essays:

1. Remember to incorporate evidence no matter what…..focus on the literary devices.  With the fiction excerpt and the poem, use textual evidence from the passage. On the third question related to the novels/plays, mention significant events or literary devices that occur within the novel/play

2. Use the 3 Cs in your body paragraphs and they will be well developed and well organized

3. Write awesome conclusions that discuss the importance of the theme/s presented in the text.

4. Watch your time! You must finish all 3 essays.

5. Write legibly!!



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ee cummings prompt and model

Below you will find the prompt and model we practiced in class today.


model for eecummings poem

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Some Review Tools

Click on this link to study the British and American Literary Periods:

Literary Periods in British and American Literature

Click on this link to access multiple choice question stems:

multiple choice stems

Click on this link to access novel review sheets:


Click on this link to access the TPS-FASTT method for analyzing difficult poems:

TPSFASTT Poetry Analysis

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The Road and Othello Essay Topics

Below you will find the essay topics and the reminder about how to structure your essay. Please remember to incorporate a discussion of literary devices as well as a function (3 C’s) discussion in both of your body paragraphs.

Othello and Road Essay Topics

Structure of Your Essay

Check out this model body paragraph to see how you can incorporate evidence without actually inserting a quote. In addition, I used the 3 C’s so you can see how well developed a body paragraph should be. I used The Catcher in the Rye so I wouldn’t steal ideas from Othello and The Road.

Model body Paragraph

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The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Click on the link below to access the information you need to prepare for your upcoming Socratic Seminar on Monday and Tuesday. This time I am checking to see if you have completed this work on Monday, right before you come into class because there were way too many students that did not complete the work last time.

Those that do not have this work, may not participate in the Socratic Seminar and will earn a 0 out of 100 points.


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